Quiet Afternoon

My creme with a splash of coffee swirls in its Jane Austen mug.

I settle deeper into the pillows and pull the computer closer.

I’ve seen Pride and Prejudice a 100 times, but I still feel the need to snuggle nearer to the screen.

Light from the open window falls across my bedspread, legging-clad legs, and sweaterd arms. 

It reaches toward the almost finished blue copy of War and Peace and illuminates my books and globe on the shelf above my head.

I haven’t been to St. Petersburg or Longbourne, or much of anywhere else on that globe, but I’ve traveled the world without leaving my bed.

My traveling companions are crisp white pages filled with ink and flickering screens.

Reading and watching are not the same as visiting, but I thank the Lord for these illustrations of the world that is His. 



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