A Wee Bit About the Author

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Hello there! This here is my little blog, a place of bookish ramblings and the occasional poetic thought. I strive to write with a beauty that speaks of the Truth – the Truth that is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

“Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.”

Psalm 19:14

A wee bit about myself:  

  • Favorite Drinks – anything involving strong coffee and a splash of cream
  • Favorite Movies – The Last of the Mohicans, The Tree of Life, Testament of Youth, Hostiles, Interstellar

  • Favorite Book – War and Peace (I know, I know. It’s weird. But I love it and it’s most definitely worth the long read.)

  • Favorite Place to Be – My bedroom; somewhere that smells like fresh coffee and books; amidst wildflowers and pine trees


  • Favorite TV show – Gilmore Girls, but considering it’s literally the only show I watch it kind of has to be my favorite – wait – I take that back, I watched one season of Victoria, the occasional episode of I Love Lucy, and some Masterpiece TV (do those count as TV shows?). I actually don’t like TV that much. I know. I’m a strange one.


  • If I Could Go Anywhere in the World – St. Petersburg, Paris, Vienna, Moscow, Iceland, England, Prague
  • Coffee or Tea – I prefer coffee, but I like tea too
  • Dislikes – anything shallow, math, chemistry (nope, just nope), rap music (with the exception of Hamilton, but I’m not quite sure if that counts), unnecessary artificial light (gross. God gave us the sun for a reason), unaesthetically pleasing book covers (if you wrote something good, you deserve a cover as good as your writing), things that have no purpose – wow that list got long

My Writings

I’m an aspiring author but a full time student, so not all you see here may be as polished as I’d like it to be. I love writing stories (but alas, I don’t have as much time to dedicate to them as I’d like) – vignettes, short pieces, novels. I have one finished novel that sits, rather neglected at the moment, waiting to be edited. Poems are also a favorite of mine, but I have to confess there’re much better poets than myself. But I hope that my writing touches somebody, and lights their darkness. After all, what is the point of writing if we do not let others know that they are not alone?

Unless otherwise stated, all pieces here are mine.

“Always be a poet, even in prose.”

Charles Baudelaire

Thoughts on Stories

I’m passionate about stories, in all their forms – plays, books, movies, musicals, etc. I believe that stories convey emotion, truth, and thought in a way that prose alone cannot. Stories, and words, are important because they reveal something to us. What these reveal to us, changes us, for better or for worse, making it of the utmost importance we understand what we fill our minds with.

Favorite Blogs/Christian Pages

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“As long as there is life, there is happiness. There is much, much still to come.

War and Peace, Leo Tolstoy

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