A Sonnet on Sonnets

A sonnet is kind and easy to read Unlike modern art, it explains itself. Though their construction is tricky to knead, They are quite satisfying once on the shelf. Shakespeare gave us many, Browning as well. Succinct in beauty and complexity There remains an inexhaustible well Though always constant in brevity. Sonnets have an everContinue reading “A Sonnet on Sonnets”

The Face of God in the Act of Loving

There’s a line at the end of Les Misérables that states: “To love another person is to see the face of God.” I write this as a new fiancé and can most whole-heartedly agree. In loving another human – whether that be a fiancé or spouse, a child, a friend, or simply someone in needContinue reading “The Face of God in the Act of Loving”

A Comparison of Coffeeshops and a Look at Contentment

The summer of my senior year of high school was a summer of much novelty. Amidst the excitement of the last few months of childhood I started on my first task as an adult. (Well… as adult as a task can be when one’s mom gives it to you.) Upon returning home from vacations inContinue reading “A Comparison of Coffeeshops and a Look at Contentment”

Review: The Grapes of Wrath

            I read in a literary journal that in writing The Grapes of Wrath Steinbeck was not interested in presenting a cure to the plight of the Okies. This I disagree with. Although it is clear the author has no political or tangible answer, he does provide one. The purpose of this narrative of socialContinue reading “Review: The Grapes of Wrath”

Yellow Bird

Spring a year ago, A time without snow, When the poppies bloomed, The clouds departed – And you, heavenward, Left – what a short word. You enjoyed the birds, And what songs you heard! Ill, you’d grown yellow, I’ll imagine the sun had made you so, That, like a bird, you flew quite narrowly ThroughContinue reading “Yellow Bird”

Those Who Left the Land

It is no secret that the United States is a land currently fraught with political division. That was quite obvious from the chaos of the summertime to the chaos of the last election. Due in part to the unmissable news headlines, and in part to living alone for the first time 2,000 miles away fromContinue reading “Those Who Left the Land”

In Review of the Last However Long It’s Been Since I’ve Done One of These

Hello friends. It has been quite some time since I’ve sat down to write one of these posts. My apologies. Life has been busy. I moved to a new state and my family is moving to another new state. There are quite some adjustments being made. That said, I’m settling down into my new lifeContinue reading “In Review of the Last However Long It’s Been Since I’ve Done One of These”