Sierra Buttes

*some thoughts atop an almost 9,000 ft peak*   I am weary of ghost towns By Man’s fleeting cares worn down. I am weary of words that Tumble out and tumble out But have nothing to give. Take me North and far to live. Take me to the mountains - Where far are thoughts of... Continue Reading →

Spring in the Alps: Giovanni Segantini

The Sierras are lofty and long. They stretch on and on, ever reaching out their arms. Unlike the Rockies they are thin on the horizon. A sight to behold, yes, but if one blinks they will never see them fully. The Sierras are here in an unblinking view in Segantini’s painting of the Alps, the... Continue Reading →

A List of Happy But Thoughtful Movies

Okay so some of these aren't quite thoughtful, but none of them are flat out stupid. And besides sometimes the worry and stress of life is reason enough to step back and enjoy something that doesn't require much brain power but puts a smile on your face. Here's my list of such movies. Enjoy! And... Continue Reading →

The Screwtape Letters: Notes 1

My British Lit class is finishing up the year with a reading of The Screwtape Letters. So far I'm enjoying it very much as it is not only witty but wise and convicting. Through Screwtape's advice to Wormwood on how to keep Christians far from Christ, and non-believers from coming to Him, it is made abundantly... Continue Reading →


I have known loss And I have known gain. I know what it is To wail in the night And smile in the day. And I know who it is that remains unmoved in it all. Whose hand I clutch and kiss In both storm and sun. Whose eyes remain ever fixed When mine rove... Continue Reading →


They are tearing down the library to make a larger one, one more spick and span, with shiner selves I suppose. I rather liked the old metal book racks and sun-beaten, semi-Spanish architecture. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say; it's nostalgia that mists my view. But the old is giving way... Continue Reading →


Though mountain peaks point me toward You, Though the sea sings You songs of praise, I will never comprehend You complete In this dying age - Here in this age where cathedrals burn And words like cancer sting our tongues And steal our breath; Here where all is veiled in mystery, Here where all is... Continue Reading →

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