Olga Romanov

Russian history has long been a fascination of mine. Sometime in 4th grade I read a book centered around the Romanov family and it launched an interest that has lasted to this day. This afternoon I was going through some of the drawers in my closet and I discovered a story I started sometime in... Continue Reading →

July 4th

I didn't think much about the Fourth of July when I was little. It was just another excuse for food, fun, and a chance to see fireworks. But as I've grown up, read more, seen more, and understood more, I've realized just how unique and important the birth of my country was. There've been hundreds... Continue Reading →

Review: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

*furiously wipes tears from eyes* Nope. No. No really, I'm not crying. *distant wailing from back of the car.* I promise you that isn't me. That was me. I finished The Book Thief  in the car surrounded by my family so having an emotional breakdown wouldn't have been an acceptable thing to do. I assure you I... Continue Reading →

My Aesthetic

With summer has come much Pinterest time, which could be good or bad depending on how you look at it. Today I don't anything super profound to share, so I thought I'd share some image which I think give you a fairly accurate glimpse of yours truly. COFFEEEEEEE I need coffee. Well, I don't actually... Continue Reading →

Summer Began With C’s

Summer Began With C's The day began with Chopin pouring through the speakers of the car. It continued with a completion of chemistry, a final on which I'm sure I got not less than a C. Back in the car, the windows were rolled down and my chai latte was sipped. Wind swept my hair... Continue Reading →


I am covered with soot, My clothes sodden with dirt, My spirit broken with hurt. I pick up a brush in attempt to scrub off the murk.  Harder and harder I rub, Until my skin is sore, Still I know there is yet more, More to wash away. I ache to be clean and cry... Continue Reading →

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