Sierra Buttes

*some thoughts atop an almost 9,000 ft peak*   I am weary of ghost towns By Man’s fleeting cares worn down. I am weary of words that Tumble out and tumble out But have nothing to give. Take me North and far to live. Take me to the mountains - Where far are thoughts of... Continue Reading →

June in Review

Summer always comes with relief, but this June seems much more relaxing than any other has been. I've done lots of reading (surprise, surprise), crossed a couple movie off my never ending to-be-watched list, caught up on Gilmore Girls, done some writing, and laid around doing absolutely nothing. People talk about being bored in the... Continue Reading →

Glory and Beauty

I'm in one of those moods where life feels so achingly beautiful and big. I'm not even sure how to put it into words. There is beauty in the sunset, in the pale blue of the sky. Beauty hides in the moon and the sadness in someone's eyes. A story sits on every face. Everyone,... Continue Reading →

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