A Sonnet on Sonnets

A sonnet is kind and easy to read Unlike modern art, it explains itself. Though their construction is tricky to knead, They are quite satisfying once on the shelf. Shakespeare gave us many, Browning as well. Succinct in beauty and complexity There remains an inexhaustible well Though always constant in brevity. Sonnets have an everContinue reading “A Sonnet on Sonnets”

what if… what if… what if…

I hate artificial light, it distorts nature’s might. There is no authenticity in its artificiality. It reminds me of small talk and the relationships we pretend are important to us but never care about enough to move on from talk about the color of the sky to the colors of our souls. And the colorContinue reading “what if… what if… what if…”

a dissolving disposition

I’m in a disposition to dissolve into the sky. Serenade me with sonnets, Feed me with the wisdom of poetry. Disquietude be not rude, Be a symphony surrounding me. Eternity engulfs me, Embracing me ardently. I am satiated, flowing over. But pour into this glass, For, like a kiss, satisfaction stirs a hunger. Convey toContinue reading “a dissolving disposition”