Underrated Period Dramas

When it comes to period pieces, Pride and Prejudice is most definitely the most well known. For good reason too, the plot is romantic, the music is beautiful, Mr. Darcy is beautiful… As great as P&P is, there’s a whole other world of period dramas that is yet to be discovered by the masses. Moving beyond Downton Abbey,Continue reading “Underrated Period Dramas”

The Four Feathers: Review

Sooo, before I start this post, can we just take a moment to appreciate the swoon-worthiness of this picture? I mean, just look at the way they’re looking at each other. Ballroom scenes make me want to smile and cry and yes swoon. Anyone else feel this way? Like why don’t we have balls anymore?Continue reading “The Four Feathers: Review”

Review: These Is My Words by Nancy Turner

These Is My Words has sat in my to be read pile for a good couple months now, and I thought what better time to read a book set in the Southwest when you’re taking a road trip through the Southwest? So I hunkered down in my seat that was covered with dog hair, and squished nextContinue reading “Review: These Is My Words by Nancy Turner”