Summer Reading List

Every summer I am faced with the question: what am I going to read? Even though I have a library full of books at my disposal, there are moments when I feel I have nothing to read. Sometimes nothing feels worth reading.

With this being said, it is always much appreciated on my part when someone suggests a book to me; a truly good book.

As someone who’s been reading almost their entire life, I have a pretty decent library of books cataloged in my mind. Today I’m going to share with you some amazing summer reads.

So without further ado: Summer Reading List

The Sweetest Thing: Elizabeth Musser – The Sweetest Thing is about an unlikely friendship during the great depression. (It’s amazing, my best friend and I are obsessed with it.)


The Swan House: Elizabeth Musser – The Swan House is about a girl who is struggling to mind her place after a horrific tragedy. Along the way she learns much about God, herself, her family, and her city.


All the Light We Cannot See: Anthony Doerr – You’ll have to read my post on this one for a summary; there’s just too much to explain in one sentence. 😜


The Light Between Oceans: M.L. Stedman – This book is beautiful in it’s own heart wrenching way. The only thing I didn’t appreciate about it was the language used. God’s name was taken in vain on multiple occasions and profanity was used frequently. However, the message of the story is wonderful.


Pride and Prejudice: Jane Austen – pride and prejudice, *sighs*, this book is about Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy who both need to learn to overcome their own pride and prejudice (*wink* *wink*) they hold against each other. As a result a most romantic love story unfolds.


Jane Eyre: Charlotte Bronte – This is my favorite book of all time. It’s about a young governess who falls in love with her brooding employer who happens to hold a very dark secret. It’s amazing. Just drop everything and read it now.


The One True Love of Alice Ann: Eva Mae Everson – Hmmmm, what to say about this one? This book, simply put, is a coming of age story on the American home front during WWII. It’s a simple story, but one I think many can identify with.

Waves of Mercy: Lynn Austen (honestly anything by her is worth reading) – Waves of Mercy follows the story of young woman struggling to sort out her life and an old Dutch woman recalling the story of her life. Their stories end up intertwining in a very interesting way. I finished this one in a day, it was that good.

Christy: Catherine Marshall – Christy is about a young woman who ventures off to the Appalachian mountains to be a school teacher to the children there. Along the way she learns much about God, herself, and loving those around her. (Warning… if you’ve watched the tv series DO NOT formulate your opinions of the book off of it.)


Secrets She Kept: Cathy Gohlke – This book is about a woman in the 1970s discovering her late mother’s past in Germany. The plot follows both the mother and daughter’s stories.

Promise Me This: Cathy Gohlke – Promise Me This is the story of Annie Allen and Michael Dunnagan. It takes the two from young teenagers struggling their faith to mature young adults. What I love about this book is all the history incorporated, especially the parts involving WWI and the Titanic.

The Hidden Masterpiece series: Kristy Cambron – These books are beautifully told Holocaust stories.

The Moon in the Mango Tree: Pamela Binnings Ewen – The Moon in the Mango Tree tells the story of Barbara Bond and her struggle to mind meaning and her place in the world. A review on this one will soon be posted.

The Hiding Place: Corrie Ten Boom – A extraordinary story of a family’s faith during the Holocaust and the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands.

the hiding place

Through Gates of Splendor: Elizabeth Elliot – While being bittersweet, this true story is one that asks the question, would you die for your faith? Honestly this was one of the best books I’ve ever read.


Unbroken: Laura Hillenbrand – This book is nonfiction, so it’s not for everyone. But it is told in an engaging way, I couldn’t put it down. Unbroken follows the life of Louis Zamperini and his journey as an olympian, Air Force man, prisoner of war, and man of God. Ultimately after reading this I came to the conclusion that God must have had His hand over this man. Just as He has His hand over us.


Some other great books to read are the Anne of Green Gables series, anything by the Thoenes, any book by Jane Austen, and the Penderwick series (these are children’s books, but they’re such sweet stories that they’re worth reading no matter what age you are).

There you have it! I hope you enjoy these as much as I have.

I would love to know what you’re reading, comment below your summer reads. If you would like to keep up with what I’m reading, you can follow me on goodreads.


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5 responses to “Summer Reading List”

  1. Much ado about Little Women Avatar

    What a list! I love that you mentioned Through gates of splendour, there is hardly anything more moving than the real life story of Jim and Elisabeth Elliot! I too am a fan of Jane Austen and of course Jane Eyre…


  2. mphadventuregirl Avatar

    Each summer, I tend to read a classic and the same is true over Thanksgiving. I am currently a Senior in college and do not have time to read novels during the school year so I find time during the summer and Christmas Breaks.

    Classics I have read are Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations, Oliver Twist, Don Quixote, and Les Misérables. It is almost Christmas Break and my challenge is to read Hunchback of Notre Dame and actually finish it.


    1. thebookshopbarista Avatar

      I own a copy of Great Expectations (it’s such a gorgeous copy too, I found it at a used bookstore) but haven’t read it yet. As for the rest, I’ve only read Les Miserables and A Tale of Two Cities. Both are spectacular. I enjoyed A Tale of Two Cities immensely. Have you read A Christmas Carol? That one would be a great read for your Christmas break. It’s pretty short too. Another of my favorite classics (it’s a bit lesser known) is Ramona by Helen Hunt Jackson. Honestly, it’s one of the most heart rendering but beautiful books I’ve ever read. I highly recommend it (or any of the ones on my blog lists 😄).


      1. mphadventuregirl Avatar

        I have never read “A Christmas Carol”, but have watched the movie. Every Christmas, my family watches A Christmas Carol.


  3. thebookshopbarista Avatar

    The movie is good as well. There are quite a few versions out there so I’m not sure which one you watch, but I’ve always liked the Disney one with Jim Carey.


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