Fall is finally here! I don’t know about you, but I’m crazy excited. Fall creates this warm, fuzzy feeling in my heart despite the cold outside. (Or maybe you get that warm feeling outside if you live in a hotter climate like me.)

This post is dedicated to my favorite parts of fall. Feel free to comment your fall favorites below!

1. Outfits

The clothes for this weather are the best. Sweaters, denim, cardigans, flannels, boots, scarves, beanies, what’s not to love?

2. Drinks

This is so cliche, but the Pumpkin Spice Latte might be the best drink of the season. I wait in eager anticipation for it all year long. (Aside from the usual Starbucks, Pete’s Coffee also has really yummy pumpkin lattes.) Another drink I love in this weather is chai tea. (Let’s be honest. I love that all year round.) What I desperately want to get my hands on is a pumpkin chai latte. Whoever created that is a genus.


3. Bookstores

The best feeling in the world is sitting in a cozy book store with a warm sweater wrapped around you, book and latte in hand while it rains outside. It makes me smile just thinking about it.

4. Weather

Rain, rain, don’t go away, please come again on another day. Some people hate rain because the sky seems to have an endless amount of it where they live. Where I live it hardly rains. But I relish the cool rainy days that come every so often.


5. Pumpkins

The pumpkin might be taken for granted more than we like to admit. They make great for great autumn aesthetic when decorating and create wonderful lattes. But, in my humble opinion, the best pumpkin item ever is pumpkin bread. If you’ve never tried it I highly encourage you to drop everything now (*drop everything now, meet me in the pouring rain…* anyone else remember when Taylor Swift sang songs like this?) and grab some at your nearest coffee shop.

6. Leaves

Leaves! This is what makes fall fall. Those radiant reds, blazing oranges, vibrant yellows, and creamy browns are the epitome of autumn. (I saw some pictures the other day of the Rocky Mountains during this time of year – absolutely GORGEOUS.)


7. Apple Orchards 

This one is rather unique. But it very well may be my favorite of favorites when it comes to fall. Every year my family and some family friends of ours pile in the car and drive up to this beautiful apple orchard in the mountains. Not only are there apple trees, there are all kinds of trees that turn those blazing autumn colors. Here you can pick apples and pumpkins as well as eat delicious baked goods made of the latter two.

8. Music

Now when I say music I don’t mean that they is one kind of music that personifies autumn. But my favorite album to listen to when the weather is nice and I’m sipping my chai latte is Sentimental Journey by Emmy Rossum. This album is all 1940s music sung by the lady mentioned. (She plays Christine Daae in the movie The Phantom of the Opera.) The music just gives you that cozy fall vibe.

There you have it! What are your fall favorites?

(All images credited to Pinterest and Google Images except the two under Apple Orchards.)

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