Hey everybody! This post is a little unique as it’s not a review or recipe. Rather than the usual, I’m sharing with you a poem I wrote recently. Enjoy!


Infant hands held infinities spane,

Little baby breaths breathed the stars,

Newborn babe older than time,

Infant cries are the same voice who thundered from Sinai,

A child’s mind with knowledge beyond creation,

The Holy of Holies greater than all in the body of a baby,

God of the universe with a halo of hay,

This is Emmanuel.

Perfect feet and hands pierced for transgression, not their own,

Upon the baby’s brow lay a crown of thorns,

His tiny waste pierced for my transgressions,

Innocent babe whipped and tortured,

The great I AM born a baby destined to perish wrongfully,

He came for you and for me,

This is Emmanuel.





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