The last few weeks I’ve been studying for finals like a mad woman. The two subjects that have most occupied my time are chemistry and geometry. I despise chemistry. (No offense to anyone who enjoys it.)

I don’t know about you, but when I find myself studying more than usual, I also find that I listen to an abnormal amount of music. My favorite genre of music happens to be movie soundtracks, which is extremely convenient for my study habits.

That being said… below is a list of my favorite soundtracks and songs, in no particular order. You can use them for studying, writing, or just plain old listening.

1. War and Peace


This soundtrack is the oddest combination of grand and peaceful. I suppose that makes sense, as the story is about both peacetime and wartime. (Side note: War and Peace is not as boring as everyone assumes. It’s actually one of the most beautiful stories I know of.)





The Dance (This song makes me want to melt into a little puddle of happiness. Just watch this video and you’ll understand why. The picture above is from this song.)

2. The Young Victoria


Such a beautiful, sweet soundtrack. The music wraps itself around you in all its tenderness. I love love love it.


Marriage Proposal


Victoria and Albert

3. Testament of Youth


This movie is the epitome of heartbreaking and its score is perfect for all the story encompasses. Some pieces, surprisingly, are actually rather happy sounding though. honestly, there is not a song on this soundtrack I don’t enjoy.

But since I have to pick favorites:

Pools of Gold

These I Send To You (Tears everywhere.)


I Will Not Forget You (Again with the tears.)

4. Finding Neverland


While I don’t like that this movie centers around an affair, I do think that the music perfectly embodies the imagination discovered in this story.


Neverland Piano Variation in Blue (There are two variations; both variations are lovely.)


Why Does She Have To Die

Forgotten Overture

This is Neverland

5. The Last of the Mohicans


This is my absolute favorite movie. Hands down. I might be slightly biased, but I believe this is the most amazing soundtrack in movie history. A thousand times better than Star Wars or Jaws. The music is grand and inspiring and gorgeous. My dad says the feelings of this music are almost like those you would experience seeing God. (Of course, nothing earthly will ever come even close to that. But we do get little slivers of heaven here too.)



Top of the World

The Kiss


6. Little Women


I don’t even know how to describe the way this soundtrack makes me feel. It reminds me of my own family and my hopes and dreams that are so similar to Jo’s. This music will always have a very special place in my heart. (If you are familiar with the book, you’ll see that all the songs titles are also chapter titles.)


Orchard House

New York

Harvest Time

Valley of Shadow

Under the Umbrella

Well, there you have it! If you’d like some more similar music, follow me on Spotify. My username is shelbido1.

Comment you’re favorite soundtracks below!

(All pictures credit to google. The cover image is from Pinterest.)

2 responses to “Best Soundtracks”

  1. Lissa Avatar

    LITTLE WOMAN IS ONE OF MY TOP THREE FAVORITE MOVIE SOUNDTRACKS OF ALL TIME. *flails excitedly* and finding neverland and a few of the other you mentioned are also awesome, the others i haven’t listened to but I shall do so soon! Weird timing, I have a soundtrack post written up in my drafts right now!


    1. thebookshopbarista Avatar

      Isn’t it soooooo gorgeous?! I’m so happy you love it too! And really? What a coincidence! I can’t wait to see yours!

      Liked by 1 person

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