‘but people love what other people are passionate about,’ she says in a voice that’s falling away. her words are a plaintive grasping, a last reaching for what she knows isn’t always true. but she’s falling, stretching out her hands for something to hold before she hits the ground. she’s beginning to see that passion isn’t enough, not for all, not for her. if nobody’s listening, what good is passion? there must be something more. 

(prompted/inspired by la la land)


“I think it’s dangerous to think of art – or anything, actually – as a personally redemptive activity, at least in any ultimate sense. For one thing, it leads to overproduction: if it’s art that’s saving you, you damn sure better keep producing it, even if the well seems to have run dry. But that’s almost besides the point. The real issue, for anyone who suffers the silences of God and seeks real redemption, is that art is not enough. Those spots of time are not enough to hang a life on. At some point you need a universally redemptive activity. You need grace that has nothing to do with your own efforts, for at some point – whether because of disease and despair, exhaustion or loss – you will have no efforts left to make.” – he held radical light, christian wiman

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  1. Lissa Avatar

    Fantastic, dear!


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