A List of Happy But Thoughtful Movies

Okay so some of these aren’t quite thoughtful, but none of them are flat out stupid. And besides sometimes the worry and stress of life is reason enough to step back and enjoy something that doesn’t require much brain power but puts a smile on your face. Here’s my list of such movies. Enjoy! And please tell me some of your favorites too!

You’ve Got Mail – If I had to pick a favorite romantic comedy, it would be this one. Of course, the whole bookstore thing suits my personality, so naturally I love all the bookishness in this one. What I especially love about this romantic comedy is that the characters feel realistic. They don’t feel like they’re there just to suit the purposes of the romance. And that really makes all the difference.


The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – This one is a wee bit all over the place but it’s full of adventure and creativity.

Yesterday – Yesterday is one of those movies that has a wonderful message and conveys it without any sort of ulterior motive. It’s just happy. It celebrates friendship, music, and honesty above all. All the Beatles music is hard not to love – especially when it’s used in such a creative story.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society – This very well may be the sweetest little movie I’ve ever seen. This is all things happy and good and literary and kind and British. Please go watch it. Actually no please go read the book (it’s told in letters and that makes it all the better) and then go watch it.


Anne of Green Gables – What’s not to love about Anne? I have yet to meet a single person who, upon watching this for the first time, despite their reservations, does not love Anne of Green Gables. With all her unconventional ways she manages to charm and delight us all. The whole movie is full of sweetness and grace and all that is good. The setting is lovely and Avonlea is full of wonderful characters (*cough* Gilbert Blyth *cough*)


Cinderella – I firmly believe this is the best Disney live action. There is nothing you can do to change my mind about that. No matter how many times I’ve seen it, it still gives me that warm and happy feeling. It’s such a pure pure PURE story. It’s magical. Ahhh I love it.

The Man From Snowy River – Perhaps the cheesiest movie on this list but I love it. It’s one of those movies that can get away with it’s dramatics because it’s sweet. The setting (Australia!!) and the growing up aspects of the story make it a great one. (Also the love story is adorable.)


The Man From U.N.C.L.E. – Okay friends. This movie. I love it. It’s hilarious. It’s creative. It’s classy. It’s snazzy. It’s smart. It’s great. Go watch it.

La La Land – Alrighty, you might be wondering if you’ve seen this before while it’s on the list of happy movies. While the ending never ceases to make me teary the story, my friends, is so worth it. The whole movie itself is so unique, so colorful, and gives one so much pause for thought.


Breakfast at Tiffany’s – This one just puts a smile on my face. I cross my heart and kiss my elbow and promise it will put one on your face too.

Ever After – While very very different from the other Cinderella on this list, it’ still just as good. I like that Drew Barrymore’s Danielle is still everything sweet but is not afraid to stand up for herself or think for herself. She does not stand for injustice. For all that, the movie itself is delightful and it’s a clever retelling of an old story.


Sleepless in Seattle – I have a hard time believing anything that happens in this story, however, it’s one of those movies that just feels right with a cup of tea and a lot of blankets. (Fun fact: I got to see the house Tom Hank’s character lives in when visiting Seattle. It was from a distance, of course, but still was pretty neat.)

Big Fish – This is rather quirky, and I’m still not quite sure I love all of it. But it has some great moments (*cough* the daffodils *cough* Ewan McGregor *cough*) and the ending, ultimately, is about learning to peel back the layers of a person to see who they truly are.


August Rush – Okay so this one has its cheesy moments. But the music puts a smile on your face and it has a fairytale like feel to it. And Robin Williams! I almost forgot he was in this one. So just for that you should go watch it.


That Thing You Do – This one is just a lot of fun. The music is great and the 60s vibes are most definitely there.

Little Women (1996) – I believe we all know that is one of my favorite movies of all time. It never fails to make me smile and then cry and then smile again.


Pride and Prejudice – The 2005 version of course because it’s magical. The colors, the music, the whoooole aesthetic. This list would be incomplete without it. Who couldn’t smile at Darcy and Elizabeth, Mr. Collins, and the Bennet sisters, oh, and Mrs. Bennet of course. Our poor nerves couldn’t do without her.

Flipped – I may or may not have this whole movie memorized. It’s sweet and fun and has all the bittersweetness of a coming of age story.


Seven Brides for Seven Brothers – Whatever you do, do not take this movie seriously. There’s no chance of enjoying it if you do that. Put yourself in a lighthearted mood and enjoy Howard Keel’s deep voice, the barn raising dancing, and all the line dancing shenanigans.

Of course now that I’ve finished this list I’ve thought of a thousand others to add, but we’ll leave it at these for now. What are your go to movies to lift your mood?

3 responses to “A List of Happy But Thoughtful Movies”

  1. kathyscottage Avatar

    Great list of movies! 🙂

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  2. CM, 2 Tim 1:7, Fdr. of Project Pursue Wisdom Avatar

    Love reading your list!! Thanks for these reminders and recommends.

    – The Man From UNCLE for sure.

    – Watching and listening to Phantom of the Opera At Royal Albert Hall is so inspiring me to pick up singing again (I shall mention Love Never Dies as well… but POTO for sure.)

    – Les Mis (2012 film, or listen to the 10th Ann. Dream Cast Album)

    – The Scarlet Pimpernel

    – Enchanted (So uplifting and magical)

    – Leap Year, Kate & Leopold, and Letters to Juliet (they’re all so cute together)

    – Spiderman Homecoming and Spiderman Far From Home

    – And how can I forget The Princess Bride?!

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    1. thebookshopbarista Avatar

      Love The Man From UNCLE and all the others you mentioned! And yes The Princess Bride is a great one!

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