A Comparison of Coffeeshops and a Look at Contentment

The summer of my senior year of high school was a summer of much novelty. Amidst the excitement of the last few months of childhood I started on my first task as an adult. (Well… as adult as a task can be when one’s mom gives it to you.) Upon returning home from vacations inContinue reading “A Comparison of Coffeeshops and a Look at Contentment”

My Aesthetic

With summer has come much Pinterest time, which could be good or bad depending on how you look at it. Today I don’t anything super profound to share, so I thought I’d share some image which I think give you a fairly accurate glimpse of yours truly. COFFEEEEEEE I need coffee. Well, I don’t actuallyContinue reading “My Aesthetic”

Quiet Afternoon

My creme with a splash of coffee swirls in its Jane Austen mug. I settle deeper into the pillows and pull the computer closer. I’ve seen Pride and Prejudice a 100 times, but I still feel the need to snuggle nearer to the screen. Light from the open window falls across my┬ábedspread, legging-clad legs, andContinue reading “Quiet Afternoon”