Bits of Story

  "Do I have to jump?" Lottie's voice raises two octaves on 'jump' after taking on a nasally tone at 'have.' Aaron stares at her incredulously, "No, but..." "No? Yes!" Ralph cuts in with his own opinion with no surprise to anyone there, "Just go already." He rolls his eyes. "You don't have to, but we've been here for... Continue Reading →

March in Review

April is here? Already? Months used to drag on endlessly when I was little and now I blink and the month is already gone. It seems the older you get the faster time moves. Movies The Notebook  This actually was my first time seeing this (I know, I know, what a shameful teenage girl I... Continue Reading →

what if… what if… what if…

I hate artificial light, it distorts nature’s might. There is no authenticity in its artificiality. It reminds me of small talk and the relationships we pretend are important to us but never care about enough to move on from talk about the color of the sky to the colors of our souls. And the color... Continue Reading →


We've gone and left our home. Our house of wooden boards and thatched roof and empty rooms. We've gone and left our home and my sisters have left us, each to their own path. But they went away long before today. Today, though, is goodbye. A farewell that may last forever. We are away to... Continue Reading →

New (To Me) Broadway

Hello folks, lately, after a month long break or so from my Broadway playlist, I've dived back into the world of musical theater. (Much, very much, to the chagrin of my sister.) But rather than listening to all the same musicals, I've been listening to lots of new ones. And it's been really fun! I'm... Continue Reading →


I stand on a precipice, A wide promontory, Looking across at where I am, And looking down at where I’ll be. How will I cross that expanse? Here there is safety, Security on this smooth stretching ground. Below is far and fearsome, Dangerous and dark. And yet the disconcerting dizziness, Will pass, And come again... Continue Reading →

February in Review

Hello folks! It seems its been a while since I've written a lighter hearted post. Thoughts are good, don't ever hear me say otherwise, but it's nice to have an old fashioned fun post every once in a while. Anyhow, this month has been... interesting? I've learned a lot about myself and the people around... Continue Reading →

I Sit Here Now

I’ve said it all. Enough for one to know some of what’s in my soul. And now I sit, the words I’ve spewed scattered across the floor. They stare up at me with blinking eyes, wondering, wondering what it is that I’ll do. I blink back, blank and yet bursting. It is all before me,... Continue Reading →

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