Summer Began With C’s

Summer Began With C's The day began with Chopin pouring through the speakers of the car. It continued with a completion of chemistry, a final on which I'm sure I got not less than a C. Back in the car, the windows were rolled down and my chai latte was sipped. Wind swept my hair... Continue Reading →


I am covered with soot, My clothes sodden with dirt, My spirit broken with hurt. I pick up a brush in attempt to scrub off the murk.  Harder and harder I rub, Until my skin is sore, Still I know there is yet more, More to wash away. I ache to be clean and cry... Continue Reading →

Memorial Day 2018

I know I just put up a blog post, but I wanted to take a step back and acknowledge those who have fallen for our country. Memorial Day is one of those holidays that all students are grateful for because it gives them a day off of school, but the true essence of Memorial Day... Continue Reading →

A Vignette

  "Don't ever do something that stupid again Gabriel Everson," she domonished after he tested the strength of the ground lining the cliff adjacent to them. "Why not Lyd?" He questioned, a smile pulling up at the corners of his lips and sending wrinkles up his cheeks. "Because," she cried incredulously, "It isn't safe! You'll... Continue Reading →

Underrated Period Dramas

When it comes to period pieces, Pride and Prejudice is most definitely the most well known. For good reason too, the plot is romantic, the music is beautiful, Mr. Darcy is beautiful... As great as P&P is, there's a whole other world of period dramas that is yet to be discovered by the masses. Moving beyond Downton Abbey,... Continue Reading →

Facts and Fancies

We've all got our quirks. Some of us, *cough* *cough* myself, are a little more quirky than others. But hey, that's what makes us all unique. Anyway, today I'm just sharing some of my random musings and the things that have captured my interest lately. ~Facts~ Currently Drinking: Chai tea Last Thing I Ate: Cobb... Continue Reading →

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