Review: 1984 by George Orwell

I've been putting off this review for about a month now. My thoughts upon finishing it were rather scattered and my emotions disturbed, so I needed some time to sort my thoughts and feelings regarding 1984. 1984 is downright disturbing. As I told my mom, I felt like I needed to take a shower after reading it... Continue Reading →

Summer Movies

I'm supposed to be editing my manuscript, but here I am procrastinating and writing this blog post. Any good cure for writer's block? Please let me know. Anyway, these are the films I've been watched this summer. Enjoy! Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel  Are there any better movies than the Anne movies?... Continue Reading →


My legs twitch and my fingers itch. Electricity vibrates in my legs, up and down, up and down, side to side, side to side, shaking, shaking. An urge to run fast and far from here overtakes. Wanderlust kindles in my chest and pushes my heart back and forth, back and forth. Ants run atop my... Continue Reading →


If you live in the United States, I'm sure you've heard of the musical Hamilton. It introduced itself to the American public via Broadway about three years ago. Never have I seen a musical so captivate the masses as Hamilton has. I had my speculations. I'm not used to theater becoming pop culture and wondered if that made... Continue Reading →

Olga Romanov

Russian history has long been a fascination of mine. Sometime in 4th grade I read a book centered around the Romanov family and it launched an interest that has lasted to this day. This afternoon I was going through some of the drawers in my closet and I discovered a story I started sometime in... Continue Reading →

July 4th

I didn't think much about the Fourth of July when I was little. It was just another excuse for food, fun, and a chance to see fireworks. But as I've grown up, read more, seen more, and understood more, I've realized just how unique and important the birth of my country was. There've been hundreds... Continue Reading →

Review: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

*furiously wipes tears from eyes* Nope. No. No really, I'm not crying. *distant wailing from back of the car.* I promise you that isn't me. That was me. I finished The Book Thief  in the car surrounded by my family so having an emotional breakdown wouldn't have been an acceptable thing to do. I assure you I... Continue Reading →

My Aesthetic

With summer has come much Pinterest time, which could be good or bad depending on how you look at it. Today I don't anything super profound to share, so I thought I'd share some image which I think give you a fairly accurate glimpse of yours truly. COFFEEEEEEE I need coffee. Well, I don't actually... Continue Reading →

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