Facts and Fancies

We’ve all got our quirks. Some of us, *cough* *cough* myself, are a little more quirky than others. But hey, that’s what makes us all unique.

Anyway, today I’m just sharing some of my random musings and the things that have captured my interest lately.


Currently Drinking: Chai tea

Last Thing I Ate: Cobb salad from a really cute diner in the old part of town

Currently Reading: A Name of Her Own by Jane Kirkpatrick. It’s about a woman who accompanies her husband on one of the first expeditions across America. So far the writing style is very vivid and nice.

Bible Reading: At the beginning of the school year I started reading Isaiah. I have just a few chapters left to go, and what has settled with me from the book is the faithfulness of God to His people. No matter what they have done He still pursues them and loves them deeply. “Because you are precious in my eyes, and honored, and I love you, I give men in return for you, peoples in exchange for your life. Fear not, for I am with you; I will bring your offspring from the east, and from the west I will gather you.” (Isaiah 43:4-5)

Favorite Music at the Moment: The Oh Hellos, Sleeping at Last, Audrey Assad, Debussy, Rachmaninoff, Max Ritcher, AnastasiaThe MusicalNatasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812, and there’s a brother sister duo from my school that just started a band called Dean St. They’re pretty good!



Behind all facades and fame, actors and actresses must be pretty interesting people. I mean, all that depth that gets poured into so many different characters must come from somewhere.

Why were they so stinkin’ cute??? I’m not crying, I’m really not.

Something that makes me really really happy right now are the flowers outside my bedroom window. I don’t have much of a view, but those bright magenta flowers make my room feel brand new and full of light. Every time I look at them I can’t help but think that God put them there for me, to remind me of His goodness in the small things and of His beauty in creation. Flowers like that don’t just spring up by random chance. If there’s flowers like these, then there must be a God who created them.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset
It’s such a simple thing, but I love how the flowers and my pillow match!

Personality types are SO INTERESTING! My friend and read the descriptions of each other’s and wow, they were spot on. God’s creativity in each and every person will never cease to fascinate me.

Piano Music: I’m learning Clare de Lune right now and I absolutely love it! It might just be one of the most breathtaking pieces I’ve ever heard. Isn’t it odd how music touches us? It does something that words sometimes fail to do. “Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” (Victor Hugo) How true is that?

Lately it’s really struck me how lonely we think we are. We think we are alone in our struggles and sometimes even in the things that inspire us, but that simply isn’t true. The fact that we all have struggles and inspirations shows that we all have something in common. If you take a look across history you’ll find that not much has changed.


That’s all I have for today folks! I’d love to hear from you in the comments about your own thoughts and fancies!


  1. This was an absolute wonderful post! There’s so much I love about it! I adore Sleeping At Last. Very very very much!
    Your Musings are great! Personality Types are so fun!
    Thanks so much for sharing this fun post!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome.
        Oh do you think decide? I love the whole Atlas:One. And I like the cover of Safety Dance.
        I’m an INFP. I love finding out all my friends personality types and seeing if the definitions fit or not

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I have! They have really good chai. 😄 Pete’s Coffee has AMAZING chai. It’s the perfect combo of spice and sweet. 👌🏻


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