I should be studying, but it doesn’t really feel important at the moment. (Yes I know it is. Please don’t slap me back into my senses.) It’s been rainy outside for the past few days and listening to the steady staccato of the raindrops on my window makes me want to sit and soak up thoughtful books and watch artistic movies. You feel?

Anyway, I don’t really know what this post is about. I’m just talking.

Does anyone else ever feel overwhelmed with emotions and there’s no particular reason why? Feel like laughing one minute and crying the next? Sometimes I wonder if I’m crazy. I suppose we all are a little bit.

I’ve been wondering lately if we isolate ourselves or if others isolate us. If there’s a reason why we can feel so horribly out of place somewhere and so at home in another.

People can be so intentional in their ambiguity, in their words, their glances, their subtle turns of speech.

Words can be so ambiguous yet intentional too.

They’re like notes of music.

A displacement of a resting mark can change the meaning of the tune, can alter the emotion. The right combination of dynamic, finger movement, and melody can crescendo to joy, anger, or sorrow. Short and light staccatos can convey happiness or trepidation. Long and legato are like words that rhyme. A lullaby. A love song. A shifting of one note, one rest, one beat, one word can change the entire tune.

It’s not something we think about in this fast paced, “me” centered society. That a flick of the wrist, or a turn of the tongue can transform our sonatinas, our sentences.

Contemplation is not depression. Don’t mistake my tone.

There’s so much to smile over, so much to weep over, so much to muse over.

I hardly know what to feel lately.

One response to “Musings”

  1. Lissa Avatar

    *sighs* this is very poetical and very relatable.

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