Hello friends! So as some of you may remember from previous posts that I’ve written a novel. (Shhh, we don’t want the world to know. *I say as I post this on the internet.*) I’ve been meaning to introduce the characters and storyline to all 108 of you (yes! 108! very excited ’bout that) and it seems now is the time.

For those of you reading who know me personally, this is most likely more than I’ve shared with you about my book. (And no just because I’m talking about it here does not give you license to read it.) I’m fairly stingy about who I share my writing with and I’m sorry for that. Kind of, sort of, actually not really. I’m sorry for any hurt feelings my stinginess has caused. There.

Anyyyywaaaay, here is Meg and James!


The story line is rather simple really, it revolves around two best friends and their families and their coming of age during the WWII era. Meg Bennet and James Smith have been the best of friends practically since birth, but as they grow older and the war creeps closer to Pinewood, Colorado, they will have to confront the impact of the war upon their own lives and their friendship, as well as their feelings for each other (‘bet you didn’t see that coming *wink wink* just kidding its rather obvious).


My fictional town of Pinewood, Colorado (aka my favorite state of the fifty) is nestled in the Rockies and is small but large enough for its own high school and movie theater. While far from the larger cities by car, it has its own train station that satisfies the traveling needs of its residents. A favorite spot of my character’s and their friends is the town’s drug store, where coke floats and malts are served. (Man, I wish I’d lived in the 40’s).

Time Span

1941-1946 (well, ’54 if you count the epilogue)

The story begins in Meg and James’s sophomore year of high school and ends… well.. you’ll have to find that out.


Yay! My favorite part.

  • Meg – bookish, sensitive, shy yet outgoing, anxious about the wars affects on her father, brother in law, and James, bobby socks and bobby pins, sheet music, capricious moods, wildflowers and mountain hikes, late night chats, kisses in the woods, hates change, cardigans, enjoys friends but is most comfortable with James


  • James – comic book kid, distraught over brother MIA in Germany, doesn’t know how to open up, easygoing with a tendency to be grumpy, thinker, baseball, craves change, extrovert with introverted tendencies, comforts others well, well liked/popular, hides anxiety under confidence, cares deeply for Meg – more than he would let on


  • Joan (Meg’s older sister by 7 years) – masks deepest emotions with stoic expression, often misunderstood, gradually grows closer to Meg – they offer support to each other in the midst of their families trials, wife to Will, classy and glamorous, red lipstick, nylons and lace hats


  • Will (James older brother by 7 years) – Joan’s fiancé, passionate convictions but controlled emotions; deep thinker; observative (is that a word?); feels a great responsibility to his family, his country, and his convictions; serious thinker but likes to makes jokes and is good at lightening the mood; Joan’s opposite in personality (she’s extremely reserved, while he is not)


  • Other Characters
    • Dorothy – friend of Meg and James, closer to Meg, sweet on Frank
    • Mary – friend of Meg and James, Frank’s sister, closer to Meg but drifting away, younger than her brother and friends by one year
    • Frank – Mary’s brother, friend of Meg and James, closer to James, in love with Dorothy, often James’s source of reason
    • Mrs. Bennet – Meg’s mother, excellent listener, more rational than Meg, wise, deep faith, happy disposition, best friends with Mrs. Smith
    • Mr. Bennet – Meg’s father, Meg’s source of confidence, comes to him with her questions about life, deep faith, close with Mr. Smith
    • Mrs. Smith – James’s mother, stern but kind, wise, motherly personality, laughs often
    • Mr. Smith – sterner than Mrs. Smith, deep/passionate convictions like Will, doesn’t dull out his words liberally, holds faith very closely

So, as this is my first finished novel, my hopes for this book aren’t as great as those that I hope to write one day. I have a lot of grand ideas that involve deeper themes and more poetic language. For now, I hope this one is a more meaningful, and hopefully better written (but who am I to say that), piece of Christian fiction. I’m pretty proud of my little book and excited to get back into editing.


8 responses to “Meg and James aka my first (completed) novel”

  1. Lissa Avatar

    I hope I get to read the final draft! I loved reading that early draft you sent me a long while ago. You’re very talented!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thebookshopbarista Avatar

      Aww thanks! I’ll have to send you my edits sometime soon.😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Georgia King Avatar

    How cool!!! Congrats!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Brianna Faith Avatar

    Sounds like something I would read! Do you think you’ll ever publish it?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thebookshopbarista Avatar

      I’m not sure, but that would be neat if I could!


  4. Pauline Avatar

    You should be so proud, Shelbs. So honored to know someone with so much talent and passion in writing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thebookshopbarista Avatar

      Thanks! That means so much to hear that from you. ☺️


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