April is here? Already?

Months used to drag on endlessly when I was little and now I blink and the month is already gone. It seems the older you get the faster time moves.


The Notebook 

This actually was my first time seeing this (I know, I know, what a shameful teenage girl I am) and was… mildly entertained? Sure there were some swoon worthy moments, but there wasn’t a whole lot of character development besides that fact that they were “madly in love.” And I thought Noah was a nicer old man than young man. Anyyywayyys, ’twasn’t my favorite (don’t hurt me) but it was entertaining. It’s one of those movies I could literally rip to pieces, but I won’t because it wasn’t meant to be taken that seriously. (Come on me, lighten up and enjoy a good romance.)



I actually watched this in February but forgot to include it on my list. This one was so good. So so good. Essentially, Shadowlands is the story of how CS Lewis met his wife Joy Davidson. It deals with love, grief, perseverance, and the difficulty of applying what one knows intellectually to one’s heart. A much heartier romance than The Notebook, if you ask me.

Fiddler on the Roof

I mentioned this in February’s recap, but I finally got to finish it this month. And I watched it in glorious loneliness eating cookie butter out of the jar and curled into my comfy chair. ‘Twas a very happy night.


My dad is a man of many different cinematic tastes. *she says in a sophisticated British accent* He loves Chris Nolan and Terrence Malick buuuut he also loves sports movies. I’m not really one for sports stories, but this one was good. The story revolves around the smallest high school to ever go to a national level in basket ball and win and about the coach who brings them there. I’ll probably never watch it again, but the character arcs were nice.

Captain Marvel

Marvel movies are not my favorite thing in the world, but I did like this one. It was a fun movie to see with my family, and I think everyone mostly liked it.


I didn’t get in too much reading this month. *sighs and cries* School was just too much. And still is too much.

All the Pretty Horses

I first attempted to read this in ninth grade and was put off by all the swearing. But this second try at reading it, I absolutely loved it. McCarthy’s prose is very lyrical and it fit the landscape of his novel very well. The themes he develops (American Dream, innocence vs. experience, fate and responsibly) are quite thought provoking too. Hopefully I’ll get a full review up on this one sometime soon.

Of Mice and Men

The ending was rather jarring (but so are the endings of all Steinbeck books… so no surprise there), and I can’t say I completely liked this book, but I did enjoy pulling all the themes apart for the two papers I had to write about it. Even if I don’t like the book, I like the act of deciphering it.


You can check out my Broadway post for fuller thoughts, but I discovered my absolute favorite musical maybe ever (that’s liable to change though as my musical moods are very capricious) – Sunday in the Park with George. It’s not your typical musical but I love it all the more for it’s unconventionality.

I actually got to see this one at a college nearby last week with my dad. Not only was it so nice to be able to see it with him, but the production itself did not disappoint. I appreciate the story and all it conveys so much more now. It’s always so different seeing a show on stage.

just to clarify, this is not the production I saw (I wish though, Jake Gyllenhaal is amaaaazing)


Writing has been slow lately, and I still haven’t got much more editing done on my novel. But I’ve been experimenting with more journal like pieces and I’ve really enjoyed that. Many of my writings lately have either been poems or just observations on life. I’m really missing narrative writing though, so I hope to get back to that soon!



We’ve had sooo much rain here lately and the hills are absolutely bursting with color. So, to better enjoy all the flowers while they last, my friend and I took a hike on a nearby trail.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

College Tour

If you haven’t gathered from some of my latest posts, college is just around the corner for me. So, a few weeks ago, my mom, my best friend, and I drove a couple hours away to visit one of the colleges on my list. We made a day out of the tour and went shopping, got coffee, and spent the night in a hotel. To finish off the trip we watched The Notebook and ate Trader Joe’s cookie butter and popcorn. ‘Twas much fun.


Flower Fields

My best friend and I (again, because who else would I do things with?) took an afternoon to go to these gorgeous flower fields about an hour away. Minus the apartment complex behind the fields, I felt like I was in the Netherlands. The flowers just kept stretching on and on, like a colorful blanket over the earth.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Well, that’s it for this month. Tell me about your guy’s March!

5 responses to “March in Review”

  1. Lissa Avatar

    First of, HOW IS IT APRIL?? And second I totally agree, I’ve never thought The Notebook was anything special. Oh my gosh. Hosiers. NO. I cannot even guess how many times me dad has seen it, but it was about 40 times too many. I can’t even stand the idea of that movie anymore 😂 lastly, I’m jealous of all the flowers you’ve gotten to see! I need to take a walk with my camera soon before the weather turns too warm and all the flowers die 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thebookshopbarista Avatar

      ITS CRAZY I KNOW. Wasn’t it just New Years?? 😂 Yep, I was unimpressed. Honestly my dad has probably seen Hosiers a billion times too. It was kinda meh. Not great not bad. Ahhh yes the flowers. Send me pictures when you do!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lissa Avatar

        Right? And I shall haha.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Susann Graber Avatar

    I do believe that at different stages of your life that your opinion of this movie will change. Life has a way of altering our view.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thebookshopbarista Avatar

      I see what you mean Grammy.


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