Writing, Release, and Summer

Summer in all its chlorine scented, air conditioned, peach hued, iced coffee glory is finally here. Finally. I almost don’t believe it. This was my first afternoon without obligations and I kept thinking to myself, ‘don’t I have algebra homework?’ The next three months will pass quickly, they always do, but I welcome their release.Continue reading “Writing, Release, and Summer”

Bits of Story

  “Do I have to jump?” Lottie’s voice raises two octaves on ‘jump’ after taking on a nasally tone at ‘have.’ Aaron stares at her incredulously, “No, but…” “No? Yes!” Ralph cuts in with his own opinion with no surprise to anyone there, “Just go already.” He rolls his eyes. “You don’t have to, but we’ve been here forContinue reading “Bits of Story”

Meg and James aka my first (completed) novel

Hello friends! So as some of you may remember from previous posts that I’ve written a novel. (Shhh, we don’t want the world to know. *I say as I post this on the internet.*) I’ve been meaning to introduce the characters and storyline to all 108 of you (yes! 108! very excited ’bout that) andContinue reading “Meg and James aka my first (completed) novel”

September and Such

September! What a month, school’s started and fall is supposed to be coming. (It hasn’t. It wasn’t even cold the day I took this picture with my hot latte and sweater. I just like to walk around pretending the leaves are changing colors and the weather is below 70. You feel?) Not much has occurred inContinue reading “September and Such”

Write What You Know

As a writer, I’ve heard this saying practically my whole life: write what you know. As cliche as it may sound, it’s true. You may ask, what do you mean? Surely C.S. Lewis never visited Narnia or Tolkien Middle Earth. And you’re right. They didn’t. But they didn’t have too. Those places were in their heartsContinue reading “Write What You Know”